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What is something, no matter how many times someone explains to you, you'll never understand?

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Otis Campbell Profile
Otis Campbell answered

Why people listen to rap music

Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely Profile

Even IF someone explained it to me, I'd never understand, and it'd never fly.................................why  people litter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sudo the Dragon answered

Kartrashans, jusbston keeber, 20...the unspeakable year, and football (the amarican non foot version)

Angela Anthony Profile
Angela Anthony answered

Why people choose to put poison....meth, heroin.....yeah, poison, in their bodies! Live for nothing but the next high....oh, let's not forget going to the hospital cos of the abscess that formed from shooting up and "missing" or the other abscess that formed around the needle that was broke off in an arm....then blame anyone and everyone for the shape they're in except the person they should blame. It all begins with a choice.

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

Cruelty, abuse, murder  and someone doing that to someone so innocent (like a child or even a pet).

I don't get it.

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Gator Blu answered

I don't understand addiction. I know addicts and I have heard and read about it, but I don't get how the need for survival can be overridden for something you know will eventually kill you. 

Curiously Curious Profile

Why people do drugs. Before you are actually on drugs you are not. I don't understand no matter how bad things get that a sober person can actually think poisoning their bodies is going to make the situation better.

Walter The Grump Profile

Why people do drugs. Ten years in corrections and almost three in security I know what it does to people and cannot understand why anyone would harm their bodies, minds, and themselves by putting that poison in their bodies.

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Leanne Robbins answered

Why people don't answer a question you've asked especially after they have told you to ask. Like how they are doing,  etc.. You ask and they don't respond then they get mad when you ask why they didn't respond.  Stupid really.  But I'll still never understand it.

Jeremy Ledbetter Profile

Why people who benefit from capitalism verbally bash it and actually feel socialism is better and actually works.

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