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Anyone found another Q&A site besides blurtit? This site has been ruined by the spam and the idiot(s) in charge.

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Well hello there. I was made aware of this post and felt like addressing it! First off...if you don't like AM enough so you talk bad about the site and the "idiot(s)" that run it...why not just stay away? The people there and those idiot(s) have been nothing but nice to me. With that said, im not so sure Rooster is moving forward with his site...unbeknownst to you, part of the reason for leaving here was the problems you're aware of, and the other part being babysitting grown adults who felt the need to complain about everything...and if things didn't go their way would continue to complain. That really gets So building/owning a site where you can't have time away from "kindergarten" isn't very appealing. Have a nice day.

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Walter The Grump
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I said this site: Blurtit is run by idiots. I'm doing just fine with AM. I was taught how to hide questions and/or users from the activity log. I'm saying this site is run be idiots because they banned and/or ran off two great mods. Now this site here BLURTIT is ruined because of all the spam that stays.
Danae Hitch
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Thanks, Angela.
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I've been looking Walter. I've seen nothing that interests me yet.

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Walter The Grump
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It's a shame. I've never come across one where at least one user doesn't ruin it for everyone. The spammers ruined this one with the aid of DS. Rosie makes AM irritating.
Skip Skip
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Hippy, is Ihavesolved the one that Bruno56 created?
Ancient Hippy
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I believe so Skip.
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As in comment above  I have tried  "" but very few users. If everyone tried there it might make a difference.

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