Should I change my avatar to Walter "The Spam Slayer"?

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Ancient Hippy answered


echooos echooos Profile
echooos echooos answered

Oh hell yeah!!! You're the best when it comes to getting rid of those pesky spammers. 😁

Yin and Yang Profile
Yin and Yang answered

It is most definitly "you!" LOL! :0)

The Z. Profile
The Z. answered

A title that is well-earned.

Tom  Jackson Profile
Tom Jackson answered

As The Z said above.

(Cool, I now know a famous person---you invented a new word and now you have an honorary title conveyed upon you for your service to the site.)

Sudo the Dragon Profile
Sudo the Dragon answered

I dislike the word slayer because it feels strange because of the dragon slayer thing being the only other use I know for that word? How about the spam destroyer or the spam eater?

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