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Chris Cornell's death was ruled a suicide. His wife says it was not intentional. I am sorry for her loss and that he felt a need to end his life. She says he said he took more meds than prescribed and was slurring. What wife doesn't have someone check on their husband after a phone call like that? Why didn't she call someone else he was touring with, or the hotel to check on him? Or the local authorities for a wellness check?

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My husband would be on an ambulance with an IV shoved in his arm so quick he wouldn't even be able to slur another word! He is not gonna be able to get away from me that easily! Pffft! What WAS she thinking!?!?!

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I'm wondering the same thing. I have read a few articles she called a friend to go check on him that evening. It's sad when a life is lost. I don't want to start going loony believing a bunch of conspiracy theories. It was said to be sudden and out of nowhere. He possibly could have been battling many personal demons including depression. I'll have more of an opinion when the official autopsy reports are released.

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