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What is something that you look forward to every day (if there is anything), or conversely, what is something you dread everyday?

6 Answers

Mountain  Man Profile
Mountain Man answered

I look forward to getting my daily text messages from my kids sending me pictures of my grandchildren. I look forward to checking in on Blurtit and I also look forward to waking up and enjoying another day of life. There is nothing that I dread daily.

Walter The Grump Profile

I look forward to logging into Blurtit and having fun on here. I dread going to work every day. It isn't the job. It's my supervisors ansna few coworkers.

Tiger  Two Profile
Tiger Two answered

Waking up! Knowing everyone is safe.

Nothing I dread on a daily basics

Sudo the Dragon Profile
Sudo the Dragon answered

I look forward for messages from my mate which we are in a long distance relationship and it is so pure. Sure we may have our moments but us as loyal mates would never even think of leaving for petty reasons like some do. I dread humans.

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