VetustIor Humo

Beware, have you had people going door-to-door soliciting money for hurricane victims?

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Fred Jenkins Profile
Fred Jenkins answered

No I haven't. I wouldn't trust anyone that comes to my door and asks for donations.

VetustIor Humo Profile
VetustIor Humo answered

They started in our area. They have a yellow or red safety vest, you can get at Walmart, a solid colored baseball cap (I saw red and yellow to match their vests) and a small pail to collecrt cash (no checks thank you). They also have a "paper HELLO" sticker with I'm Mr. Jones or Miss Mary printed on it. The police were called and sure enough the ones I saw were just three of a group of nine hitting the area. Of course they did not belong to any legitimate group or porganization. The spam emails and phones calls are also blitzing our area.

YoWanna Cook Profile
YoWanna Cook answered

Thanks for the heads up my friend. In times of crisis you see the best in people..... And the worst in people. 😒 What a shame....

Troy  Lee Profile
Troy Lee answered

No, I don't get door to door solicitors where I live. I haven't heard of any in my area either. It's a shame when people try to scam off of other people's misfortunes.

Toni Pauze Profile
Toni Pauze answered

No not yet.

I wouldn't give to door to door people anyway.

What a shame people try to scam from people that really need it.

Jeremy Fink Profile
Jeremy Fink answered

I haven't had any at my house yet. I did receive some scam hurricane relief calls. I cussed them out and reported them to the authorities. How low can crooks lower themselves?

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