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Most European monarchs had their own ships, whose size and opulence were a statement of power and prestige. Living on an island, sailing was the only method for English royalty to interact with other nobility. Crossing the channel to and from France was something of a banality at that time. 

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The way the banking system works, they should be arrested for theft. If we don't end it then we will remain debt slaves forever, as the way it is run debt can only increase. They are also looking to end money (IOU's), and therefore everything we do will be monitored by a computer system, this … Read more

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I would endeavor to put an end to all doubt about the oncoming threat of the changing climate and the degradation of the environment. Like they say in AA, the first step is admitting the problem.

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The captain of the Titanic was drunk when the liner hit an iceberg and sank, a newly unearthed document alleges. Captain Edward Smith was apparently seen drinking in the saloon bar of the doomed ship in the run-up to the catastrophic collision.

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You probably won't find an answer to that question on Blurtit.

Both were Mughal emperors, both lived in roughly the same era (Aurangzeb was born 13 years after Akbar died). Both had long lives for that era (63 and 89 years, respectively).

You'll find plenty of information about them on the Web including a scattering of videos.

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What Ray said.

Also, Iraq was held together by Saddam.  His tyranny forced the people to live together, without using violence against each other to settle religious/tribal feuds.  With him gone, and no strong government to replace him, those old feuds rose to the surface.

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That may be one of the best questions asked here this year.

So, what is different?

Germany (at least) was SO broken that they had to "do what they were told" to rebuild. And what they were told was GOOD advice. The US, injected money (even the UK sent some, despite the fact that we were completely … Read more

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Lack of education, specifically in understanding that the behavior of people in a democracy does not always include behaviors that will ensure the survival of the democracy.

It was put this way more recently "Complexities of technological, diplomatic, and military issues mean that 82%of the electorate cannot be expected to reach an informed decision."

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