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Tax threshholds are high and earnings outside the large towns (and even in them for a lot of people)  very low. Out in the country, poverty is everywhere.

There are few people who earn enough to pay tax. (And those who do, don't pay much).

India raises revenue with lots of indirect taxes (I remember "Luxury … Read more

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Insects carry the pollen grains of male anther of a flower to the female reproductive organ of a plant thereby fertilization occurs in which seeds are produced , therefore these seeds which when fall on ground it grows as plant , thus pollination by insects are called Entamophily .

Advantage : Chances are more to get … Read more

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Why would someone want a day without art? What did art do?

Rosa Parks was an amazing woman in history. She held fast to something she believed in.

I don't like red delicious apples, but I love me some pie!

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Day without art Day? Okay. So I just made up this knock knock joke before I got out of bed yesterday, as my thoughts turned heavenward . .

"Did you know that there is Art in Heaven? Sure:

Knock knock

Who's there?

Our Father

Our Father who?

Art in Heaven!!"  by Lin Enchelmayer Schmidt

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How about we put that red apple into an apple pie. Two birds, one pie! And as for Rosa Parks, she showed what one, hard working, tired woman could do. How can anyone come up with a day without art? That is wrong.

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It's a good day, 61 years ago today Rosa Parks refused to stand up and took a bus ride into history, the United States Congress called her the first lady of civil rights.

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It's mostly a good day Otis! You could take care of two of them if you eat some apple pie. Mmmmm! Rosa Parks was a brave woman and stood firm for what she believed in and she deserves to have her own day. But day without art? Who came up with that one? Paul Simon?