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Don't believe 90% of what you hear. There are fear monges everywhere who have been crying about another world war for years. We heard it for eight years under Obama and now we're hearing under Trump.

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This is nothing new in my lifetime. I served in (West) Germany during the Cold War, the "threat" was much clearer then.

Doomsayers have been a sad fact of our history, even since before history was kept. So far, they all share the same 0% success rate.

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We have been on the edge of it my whole life. I was born the same year as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Am I going to worry and fret over it? No. Crazy leaders come and go. I suspect the same is going to happen with the  ones we have now.

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Anyone who lived through the nightmare of the cold war and MAD finds the current situation much less frightening I suspect, but the World did not set itself ablaze then, and we (most of the developed world, anyway) had a jolly good time in the 60s and 70s.

I once visited a civil defence centre where … Read more