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Well, I excel at data entry and typing. I love to do both and am really fast. Typing - about 95 wpm and data entry - about 14k kph.

I think that I give some helpful advice here.

I rock at giving out answers to '42' questions.

I like to lift people up when they're feeling down.

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I'm graphic designer. Magazines, boards, cards, shoots, images, wallpapers and landscapes.

However, my main expertise is related to celebrity world one way or another, it's matter of time till i get promoted, and since many society members on here are not really connected with it so i prefer stay quiet about it. Shhhh!!!! I don't … Read more

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I've earned my living for most of the last 40 years in the computer/newspaper publishing/text processing world.

When I started, you could count the number of "experts" (I use the quotations deliberately) in the field, world-wide on your fingers.

It's a little-understood fact that HTML was developed directly from SGML, a text formatting language developed … Read more