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I don't have a good answer for this :/ one time I  fell and bruised my hip while standing on the edge of a bathtub trying to clean the shower head ... The song 99 loft balloons came on and I thought it an appropriate place to dance ... It wasn't :/ and the gravity … Read more

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Going through a car accident. That was the toughest thing to go through (Physically). It was recent and I'm still recovering from it though. I have a cast over my left arm and bandages over my forehead so I can't play videogames on my PC so I just get bored, watch movies and do other … Read more

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Years ago, my "trade" of choice was a carpet installer. I had my own business, and paid my workers with a "Piece of the job" . . . As well as selling my own lines of product, I subcontracted for Sears and they sold some of the Thickest Plush carpeting around in the late 80's. … Read more

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Dear Didge,

For me, the physically toughest have also been some of the most beautiful...hiking in the Oregon Three Sisters mountains with my brother, for are a couple photos from Utah, where I spent two weeks river rafting and hiking along the Green River, a tributary of the Colorado.

The American Southwest is stunning in its … Read more

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Team leader on a 24 hr trek across Romney Marsh. For a sizeable part of the journey I was pushing a raft made from planks and oildrums, carrying my 3 companions, 9 miles along the Royal Military canal. I have never been so tired since.

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I was going to say setting concrete lintels in an elevator shaft until I remembered entering some competitions at a local sawmill festival in my early 30's. The log rolling contest was probably the most physically demanding. But the two man saw competition was very strenuous also.