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Asexual biromantic 17 year old boy. I'm sorry - I don't even know what that is.

In any event, if you want to meet someone, you need to join a club, go to church, do volunteer work, do something that brings you in contact with other people. That way you will be around people that will … Read more

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It’s a pop / punk / rock band, like fall out boy, their music is very similar. The music video takes place in a church, all the band is dressed in white. They start to clap their hands, and claim WOOOHOOHOOHOOHO (A C A D E, A C A D E, A C A  D … Read more

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As the spouse of someone in the Army, even if you were married, you are still going to be dealing with a long distance relationship. Before my husband got out he was gone for almost every birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day. We spent Christmas and all the other holidays away from our family.  If he can't … Read more

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I can understand his being difficult about this .. Perhaps he does love you, and wants a future with you .. And for his own reasons doesn't want to be apart from you. At 17 he hasn't yet reached a maturity stage where he can think about your needs above his own. This is something … Read more

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he would wait if he really loves you enough. Otherwise.. this is one relationship you should run away from.. 

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Its too early to get married. You are about to embark on a great adventure, see the world and meet people who will change you. He appears intent on holding you to his ideals, not allow yours. You deserve to be free now.

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If rolls were reverse, how would you feel?

Would you wait for him for three years?

It is rare to find a guy his age that wants to commit.

He must really feel your the one.

Follow your Heart not your head.

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Sounds like he is insecure to me..... Or he is just looking to see that you are committed to him and he's not wasting his life away waiting for you. Or he has too much time on his hands because he is too focused on your career and neglected to find a career of his … Read more

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Don't jet him m talk you out of doing this.  Believe it or not 3 years isn't very long at all. You both will only be 20.  If this relationship is meant to be , you'll still be able to be together in 3 years.  My youngest is 21 and a half and while she … Read more

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Explore your world, enjoy getting to know yourself and your Army career. Continue to be good friends, write, FB, Twitter, Instagram, send small gifts (under $20) text, email, send I miss you cards, Skype, visit each other and after 3 years of  Army Life and you still love … Read more

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False. Each CD-Key is for one user only.