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I went to my rural landfill. The things people threw out today would make your head spin. I took home and recycled a few things from the metal scrap pile. ..copper tubing which I'll take in for salvage $$$.  A few other useful things.A lawn mower which just needed a spark plug. It came with … Read more

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As The Z said, you are looking for volume.

I figured someone somewhere has made some tentative and realistic calculations.  Here is a quote and a link:

Rhuzkan's estimate was that a 30-foot wall would use more than three times the total concrete in the Hoover Dam. With this extra 20 feet of concrete, we’re up toRead more

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You have a bit of confusion going on here. AREA is measured in square feet; VOLUME is measured in cubic feet.

We'd need to know the length to multiply times the height to determine the area (sq ft); multiply that sum times the depth (or thickness) to determine the volume (cu ft).