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• drink a lot of water-like the amount you would drink if you exercise, if you don't already. Basically, make sure your pee isn't super yellow.

• exercise- keeps good blood flow.

• find a face mask that works for you. I just use raw honey and leave it on my face while I do … Read more

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I don't think so. The mother should stay home and take care of the baby, the father, if he's a student, should get a job to support the child and mother. They can both take night classes to get their diplomas.
I don't think it's right for taxpayers (in the US) to foot the bill … Read more

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They are closing down this year after 146 years of operation. After putting all the elephants and most of the big animals in a sponsored reserve they found their profits fell dramatically. In addition a Circus appears to be no longer relevant in today's society. Your thoughts.

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I remember going as a child and having a wonderful time.  I found it thrilling!

As I grew, I looked at the broader issues.  I can't justify exploiting animals for profit and entertainment.

It's an era I can feel a little nostalgia for, but I'm far more glad it's passed.

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It's not a big deal. Probably you taking too seriously and too hard.

Although, If it happens too constantly:

1.Whether this is her habit and way of communication and expression.

2.She does that to people when she likes them so much. So she likes you.

3.She has one of those feelings where she has crush on you.

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I tend to sweat a lot so I know how that feels. I usually use this body powder from this company called Assured. I get it from the dollar store and it works pretty well for me. You want to be careful with body powders or creams. Some people may be allergic to some while … Read more

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Because it was originally made in Chinese/Japanese. They had voice actors do the English portion when making the English version, but they don't redo the entire movie with the same people doing the same thing except speaking English. If some people were to put time into editing, then it wouldn't look so out of sync … Read more

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You will have to get a transformer (sometimes called a converter) to change the 220 to 120. Do you have 50 or 60 hz  power. I do not know if that will make a difference. I don't think so. Contact a dealer for Panasonic.. It may be easy to just get a 220v supply for … Read more

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You seem to type alright! Just talk to people if they talk to you, or go talk to them first. Be friendly and if you guys introduce yourselves to each other, mention that you're still learning English. Most people will understand and even try to help you learn. Just speak with a smile

Also, join an … Read more

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I agree with you Otis, it seems to me, that if an eight year old boy says I like long hair, the parents immediately think transgender and start treating him as a girl. Not really his choice, the parents push him/her into it.

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If rolls were reverse, how would you feel?

Would you wait for him for three years?

It is rare to find a guy his age that wants to commit.

He must really feel your the one.

Follow your Heart not your head.

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Explore your world, enjoy getting to know yourself and your Army career. Continue to be good friends, write, FB, Twitter, Instagram, send small gifts (under $20) text, email, send I miss you cards, Skype, visit each other and after 3 years of  Army Life and you still love … Read more

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If he's already trying to dominate your future be very pleased that he's a boyfriend and not a husband.