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You can take no credit nor blame for your ethnicity .... Only your own character and behavior.  So make it a point to be kind, loving, respectful, and responsible .... And then just be happy and grateful for who you are!

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Awww friend, your question broke my heart. 😔 Of course it is okay to feel. First of all i want to point out the things you see as negative for your ethnicity in other people does NOT have to be you! You are you, not them. ☺ Second of all i want to point out … Read more

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I don't agree with the premise that "God hates homosexuals"; that's something anti-gay activists love to yell, but it's not supported by any holy texts I know that claim to speak for God. 

That said, there are some religious people who must believe that being gay is a choice because they believe God doesn't make mistakes. … Read more

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Why does God let children starve to death?
Why are some born with malformations or disease?
Why does God allow racism?
Why disasters?
Why war?
Why murder?

The list goes on and on with one thing in common....all caused by humans. Man spews hatred at anything he doesn't agree with OR is against his religious beliefs.

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(Asian moms say everything causes cancer 😂) and this is gonna be a sucky answer because it's 4 am in the morning...

It's something about the chemical reactions with high heat. Creates new chemicals that increase cancer risk. It's Google-able. May be reliable or not, but it looks … Read more

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There's nothing wrong with being divided over issues.

Some will say that's a sign of a healthy society.

Which, it is ... To a degree.  But in a REALLY healthy society, people can discuss their differences in a calm manner.

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-My sister leaves completely empty milk cartons in the freezer...I don't understand why?

-Loud, disrespectful kids at school 

-People walking in a row of 5, then stopping in the hallway to talk or change direction.

-Teacher decides not to grade work that I worked hard on, because of a room of lazy classmates. I need … Read more

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This is a question for your doctor.  In the meantime, try massage and warm compresses.  Exercise is good. Warm water swimming perhaps.

TENS may help ..  It's where pads are placed on strategic points and an electrode current causes muscle contracting.

Speak to your doctor of course.