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just quiet. in elementary, silent lunch was just "quiet" lunch lol. in middle and high school, usually you just sit at a lunch detention table in the cafeteria and a teacher will stand around to watch y'all. Nothing really bad is written down, so just roll with it and try to stay away from the … Read more
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I think you should talk with the teacher before anything if you think it's really serious. Just tell her you feel like you should not have silent lunch because you were trying to do your work and were distracted. But if i were you i'd just sit it out. You'll survive 30 min of no … Read more

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I do this thing where I'm completely vegetarian during the spring/summer, but eat a little meat in the winter, mostly because it's harder to avoid in school lunches and I can't get all my favorite fruits.

I had a vitamin b12 deficiency, but this vitamin smoothie juice and some supplements solved that problem. I recently … Read more

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I feel so bad for you Ruth, there's nothing wrong with a 14 year old girl wearing pants, your mother needs to realize this isn't 1950 and get that antiquated idea out of her head that young ladies should always wear dresses,  I've raised 2 daughters and I can tell you right now if I … Read more

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I'm not that petty. I was raised with manners, and to appreciate things that people give me. If my man gave me a ring from a dime store candy dispenser, I'd think it was the best gift ever. Because I truly love him and it's the message behind that gift that is the real gift … Read more

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No .. But I would also never consider any engagement ring "pathetic" .. If it was a token of a promise from someone I loved (and all he could afford) I would be happy with a soda can pull tab. 

Anyone who not only thinks their engagement ring is pathetic but further intends to humiliate their … Read more

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If I loved a man enough to say yes to a marriage proposal....I wouldn't care what kind of ring he put on my finger, imo that's shallow. The trinket is not what it's about, it's the love and meaning behind it that matters...

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So let's take a look - "If the guy u love got u a pathetic engagement ring would you put it on the internet for everyone to see and judge?"

One would think the engagement to be wed is enough for someone "In Love" . . . To then assign "Pathetic" to the "Symbol" of the … Read more

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First off, I wouldn't be putting a pix of the ring on social media. I don't need anyone's approval or judgment.

Secondly, as previously stated, the ring is a symbol of his love for me.

Third, I don't need an engagement ring to celebrate our commitment to marriage.

Fourth, it seems shallow that people need validation … Read more

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I think I remember you saying that you were 14. It's a very stressful part of your life. The bad news is that it'll probably get worse; the good news is that you'll survive. We all do.

How to cope? Yoga, or meditation, or music (try to find something you like that doesn't have to … Read more