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I was at work. It was stressful and tiresome. Accident close to work. I had to administer first aid until EMS arrived. Then two different tow companies were on the verge of a fist fight. I pulled out my pepper spray, and told them, "knock this crap(I used the explicate word) off or I'm going … Read more

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Vanilla is the best.  It's a good base.It can take so many different toppings.

Ah..fond memories as a child of going out to get ice cream cones with my parents. It deserves a national day celebrated together.

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There are several factors that play into people's morals and where they get them. Family, friends, life experiences, and some from religion. I also fully believe one's mindset and personality come in to play. I supervised many inmates who grew up in stable, loving, well of homes who's parents were wonderful, and the inmate was … Read more