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She is correct,

U are insecure

And have bones in your closet

Face the truth

Free your self

The rest will follow

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Sheldon Cooper answered Anonymous' question

I've been to Coney Island

And I would never go back !

New York is super expensive.

38$ to cross a bridge 1 way ???


It's a fun place to visit..

I would never live there

The country is the place for me .

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I like it here way better..

I remember this 1 question I had answered there about some celebrities phone #

And I answered:  867 5309

And as always, it was removed

Guess I'm a bit older or just remember that song....

The mod didn't ....

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Sheldon Cooper answered Thrice Gotcha's question

What's fueling .....

The government......

How to stop it ...

You won't ....

It will never stop

$ on all sides profit, except the user

The user ends up in prison that generates more $ for that state ,

As soon as no one needs $

Then and only then will drug use decline .

If no one needs … Read more

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Sheldon Cooper answered Sudo the Dragon's question

Not related---

White kills black ,,, big trouble

White kills white

No trouble-

Black kills black , no trouble-

Black kills white  , no trouble

Slavory is over

If you were Alive

89-100 years ago

I can understand your point

If not ? U know not what your grandma went thr