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A new hope

Empire strikes back

Return of the Jedi

Are the only movies I recognize,fantastic in every way, when animation was limited and they used puppets and models to create a fantastic world realistic in every way .

Today they use computers to animate , not the same .

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Neither have made it this Far East do to population And environment There is a reason grizzly bears are not in Maryland and va and Delaware and New Jersey- same reason why wolves and cyottes Don't want to live here .
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The Bible was written as a guide, not a rule book. Let your heart be your guide and believe what's in it, not what was written thousands of years ago.

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Here on the east coast

Not to many wolves or coyote

To reduse the population of deer . So they do need to be controlled....    Snakehead fish

Need to be exterminated here in the us .. They serve no purpose..

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Hello Otis

My life has changed lots

Uncle is in jail have his 8 year old son,otherwise he would go to the state .. Mother is in rehab

He tried breaking into my house

Lucky my g f was their or he would not be - Ile get back to u soon -