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Your mouth seems to be your biggest problem. From all your other post you don't think highly of the other sex. Telling them you are sorry doesn't help much since they probably think the same way I do about you.

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"Hey, dad, I need you to take me to Wally-World."

"What for, princess?"

"Well, I need some personal care items right now."

"Hmmmm.....what kind of personal care items?"

Daughter gives dad "the look".  "Personal care items, oh sweet dad of mine."

Dad grabs the keys. "Let's go, Princess."

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I certainly wouldn't say my daughter with her good heart did you a favor.

Without any written agreement in place you are stuck with the loan.

See a lawyer!!

Tell daughter to stay out of your business. Change all passwords that you can and don't give to good hearted daughter.

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I'm unclear as to what the issue really is. Your daughter gave someone else your own personal information to use to get a loan for $12,000?

I wouldn't pat my daughter on the back for that action if that's what happened. If she had a good heart, she wouldn't have put my own credit at risk … Read more