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My favorite strip of booth-photos were taken of my then 14 yr. Old daughter and me. Just kidding around we'd found out that we could make some identically funny faces even though we look pretty much different than each other. We can pucker our lips with thesame details,  and screw up our faces, etc. so … Read more

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I don't believe in ghosts so hunting them would be a waste of time for me. Fire pups are cool. My cousin and her husband, who is chief of the local volunteer fire company, have a dalmation named Flame. But I love homemade cookies! Especially tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. I like them best when they … Read more

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Dear Otis,

Yes it is a good day, and I will take the homemade cookies...but on Ask.com (TruckerLady and TorchGoddess) I learned you can make good cookies from a cake mix, so I hope that still counts...

I made red velvet cookies with chocolate chips for the librarians in Tenino, all from a mix (now missing DaveyDaveDave … Read more