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At 11:30 pm last night, my daughter got a text from our neighbor asking if she wanted to babysit her one year old son from 4am till noon. My daughter asked for 5 dollars an hour instead of the usual 25 dollars total for the whole babysitting job cuz it was last minute and we … Read more

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Most definitely. 

Worst case:  They have no idea if the sitter or a member of his/her family has a compromised immune system. 

Even a healthy person has the right to know in advance of exposure.  Others don't want the extra responsibility.

I personally would probably say yes, but I'd like to know what I'm in for.

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Jan 30, 2014, Thursday.  Not at all sure what I was doing, being lost in the wilds of a fairly comfortable retirement,  altho I do know that I was not looking forward to my upcoming prostrate surgery.

June 10, 1989, Saturday.  Just glad I had two days off from a job that I had come to … Read more