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There OK. I really didn't like the last one.

Hated Hans Solo was murder by his mean, evil son, who turned to the dark side.

I didn't like the new young guy, he was acting tooooooo stupid.

I didn't like the new girl, she was very lame.

Overall some scenes were unnecessary and didn't have a … Read more

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To survive and evolve. Unless you're religious. My purpose of life is to get a job, work hard, save money to build a professional studio. Make high quality YouTube videos, get a partnership after a year or two of consistently uploading videos. Create (2) pilots of some shows I thought of years ago, get them … Read more

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Does life have to have meaning? For most of the life of this earth, life just was. Not much intelligence or end product. Evolution has in turns made mosses, algae, sharks, reptiles and primates the most successful species. (Actually, everyone forgets the bacteria, THE most successful organisms of all).

When man puts an end to his … Read more