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I get it and give it all the time. I  returned $ 200 to its rightful owner. Karma ( a nice guy) gave me 4 brand new truck tires. He could have sold them but I really needed some at the time.  He wouldn't take payment. I didn't know his name at the time. I … Read more

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I came home from work this past winter and found that my driveway had been cleared of snow. A few weeks ago, a local radio station had a call from a listener who was calling from a nearby Scooters. On that particular morning, someone had started paying for the next car behind them. This went … Read more

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I have had someone at Starbucks buy me coffee a few times. I have always just bought the next person's drink.

On Valentine's day this year, I had time to kill before an appointment, so I went to lunch by myself. A gentleman walked up and gave me a rose. 

This one didn't happen to … Read more

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About six months ago, I took my daughter to a fairly expensive dinner at Houston's.  When I asked for the check, the server simply said someone had already paid.  I asked who it was, but he wouldn't tell me .... I looked around, but didn't see any familiar faces or anyone looking our way.  Maybe … Read more

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I was eleven in 1960, my mother started charging me $25.00 a week room and board so I hired two other kids to cut grass for people in the neighborhood.  They charged $3.00 per yard and I got a dollar for every yard they did.  When "mom" found out she said I was lazy having … Read more