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February 1854, anti salvery Whigs started meeting in upper Midwestern States talking about forming a new party. In March 1854 in Wisconsin the Republician Party was formed.

Edit: yes I knew that.

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that last part is true thats why i really want to do something to stop it. I've told my grandmother but my mom got very mad at me because my grandma got mad at her and she won't let me talk about my sister anymore. idk if i want to call normal police but is … Read more
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Yes, the Republican party used to be the more liberal and progressive party until the parties switched around the early-to-mid 20th centuries. Interesting how the more progressive party was on the right side of history then, as often.

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"Oh, you can talk" ?

"Look who's talking now" !

"yea, get some personality plz"

"At least i'm not delusional"

"Better than being a Junky huh" ?

"I'd rather be an autistic than an addict, you can tell which is worse, right" ?

"Well at least i'm not a puppet"

"Better than passing my whole life hangover"

"The … Read more

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I highly doubt it was the Claritin that caused your vertigo. If your sinuses are acting up due to allergies, it could be affecting your inner ears. I've dealt with vertigo for many years and the best advice I can give you is to make a Doctor's appt. And get your ears checked out. He/she … Read more

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also, i still feel nauseous, not as much as i did yesterday but I'm afraid to go to school. And my stomach and head hurt. The medicine should have worn off tho.

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Tyto is correct.

But if you REALLY want a good comeback ... Ask them "Why do you keep bringing this up, obsessively?  Is it because you wish YOU could have sex with me?  Well, that's not gonna happen."  And then just walk away.

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"According to Dr. James G. Hamilton, author of the pioneering paper on needle phobia, it is likely that the form of needle phobia that is genetic has some basis in evolution, given that thousands of years ago humans who meticulously avoided stab wounds and other incidences of pierced flesh … Read more