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Nope ., that, to me is such a huge waste of time and energy. I have no problem with my husband looking at other women .. He's married .. Not dead!

Have never been jealous of friends or family ... Again for the same reasons.

I have to admit I have been known to be envious … Read more

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Nah, what's the point! Men have eyes, they're gonna look, women have eyes also!!!!! It's natural to look and enjoy "sights" unfortunately, I learned the hard way about a jealous person and their insecurities in a relationship. Not something I'll ever put up with again, I'd rather be alone!

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Jealousy isn't something we have much control over, in truth it's a natural human instinct of emotion that everyone has experienced at one point or another. So to say you've never been jealous is a fallacy... Because we've all been there and done that.

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Jealousy is unhealthy and any more than a tiny bit should be examined to determine the cause. Most often jealousy stems from lack of self-esteem and confidence. Also people who have difficulties trusting others are often jealous. My ex was overly jealous and didn't trust anyone. It was a disaster. I was often accused of … Read more

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Not hardly.

Mrs Didge enrolled in a massage course in the 1980s and she hit it off pretty well with one of the guys in the class. They spent a lot of time, either at his place or at ours, practicing on each other and, naturally, became good friends.

One night at the class one … Read more