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Total team effort, of which you are ALL the major part - thank you for such great input and interesting posts.

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I noticed that as well and i am agree with you. Rooster already addressed the issue. But personally, i try to cope with it, it would be ideal to have changes on it but it's not a big deal priority for me. I can ignore it easily. This would be my priority line up for … Read more

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Awesome answers guys. I'm feeling quite proud of our various Brits and there dedication - but totally agree re Phelps. Bit like the rower Steve Redgrave a few years ago - wow the strength and dedication it must take to compete again, and again - and match it with the training. But also love the … Read more

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🎊Tori Bowie 🎉Tianna Bartoletta🎊         🎉 Laurie Hernandez 🎊                         🎊Brittney Reese🎉

            🎊 Aly Raisman 🎉

          🎉 Simone Manuel🎉

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I would like to kindly add that I wish this would have been taken a little more seriously. I am wanting to have my hair long for when I donate it to be made into wigs for cancer patients. This isn't me being vain and wanting to have long hair like all the girls I … Read more

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Look, I can't place the sash of Miss Electability on Hillary Clinton -breaker of 113 federal laws- she should be on trial; but Trump is mad, mad in the medieval sense, even the Caligula sense. You simply don't say things like this to intelligent people.