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It's not going to be the same around here without you :( how about you forget all about being a moderator and just come back as a member, that sure would make a lot of people happy.

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I am so sorry Rooster. I find it particularly upsetting that these beautiful creatures that become family members should have such a short lifespan. 

I am truly sorry for your family's loss my freidn.

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Hey Otis ! I can't touch anyone's profile to do that but have you tried using "Recover old Account" on your profile? You should be able to open whatever browser you were using before and sign in with your old account. I'm not all that great with mobile devices. I'll pass your request up and … Read more

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I think Matt Radiance has a pretty good answer.

Some practical personal experience with the workings of the government branches and and world politics is preferable in a candidate. 

That way we tend to not waste too much time trying to implement the practicable but unlikely.

Old age is not for sissies, neither is elected office---some of … Read more

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Despite i love Niccka's answer, i can not support anyone for such purpose. I hope my opinion does not offend anyone.

From what i have learnt Blurtit community is another part of society which lives in a fairy-tale world. Destroying weapons, too much peace, government shouldn't hold secret. Society must know everything. Nope, the world … Read more