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Hay! I just found this gem of a word hiding in with the questions! Lol!

Her parents both agreed on one thing.... They had total expostulate feelings for the over aged boy MAN she was dating! She expostulated their rules for she felt she loved him.

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As a species?  No.

As individual cultures/societies? Yes.

Historians and archeologists often point to various times in human history, when one society or another was going through a "golden age" ... But there has never been one that our whole species went through at the same time.  (well, at least not that we have … Read more

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I am good at reading... Back in fifth grade I had to take state tests I scored the highest in the school that went up to eighth grade I scored a reading level of a softmore in high school this year I had to take the same test and got a score of a second … Read more