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The Xbox 360 is more comparable to the Playstation 3.

They have more similar hardware.

Both Playstation 4 and Xbox One are the next Generation of gaming systems.

My son rather enjoys his Playstation 4.

There are some certain games NOT available on both systems so you might want to start there . . . Halo is only … Read more

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If your parents want you to help your sister with her homework then making your sister do so is your parents' responsibility.

Maybe just ask them how they make your sister do what they say when she doesn't want to do what they tell her to do.

Tell your parents that they have to let your sister … Read more

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You say " yes ma'am or yes sir"

Go sit with your sister with your own work or a book, tell her you are there if needed.  If she yells say nothing and sit still. You will be there if she needs you and you are there as requested by parents.