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The amount of narcissists out there. Too many people are only thinking about how there are effected and couldn't care less about others.

The crumbling of grammar through text speak bleeding over into other realms, and the failure of those doing so understanding why it is important to be clear in their communication.

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The naivete of the average voter.

Creepy crawlies snail-pacing along in the outside lane.

Facebook's impact on the non-Internet world. It seems that these days even a normal family function can't be considered a success unless there are googols (no, I didn't mean Googles) of "friends" attending.

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I think every generation has had their own set of problems. To compare the current generation to the past may not be the best comparision because there have been so many changes to the ways the youth today live in society compared to older generations.

The development of a more technological based/media-oriented society has caused … Read more

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An awkward situation means a person/or the people involved are uncomfortable with one another. When your friend said she wanted to end your friendship, it is likely because she is not comfortable with you. This does not put any blame on you or her. Some people just are not compatible, even if you thought she … Read more

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IMO, plain direct point. Keep your business and your legs close until you're 18. You know you're not missing out on teen pregnancy, STDs, early broken relationships, money problems, lack of education, possible missing school, problems with your parents and peers. 

A smart, intelligent and self-loving girl about to be a woman would wait until she's … Read more