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Skipping meals is never a good idea to lose weight, because it causes numerous consequences, such as dehydration, exhaustion, fatigue, etc. And in some cases, it can make you gain weight much more easily and quickly if you eat something back. You had better think of having a balanced diet and proper exercise. This is … Read more

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Unless you are sick, you have no reason not to eat every day. In addition, I hope you are not trolling the site as a question like this is going to give you a lot of harsh responses for you starving yourself and thinking that's fine.

The rough part happens after 72 hours of no eating … Read more

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When the body senses deprivation it starts to slow everything down in order to conserve energy, this means the calories you would usually burn in everyday exercise, will be stored in order to survive. The body, needs food like a car requires petrol in order to go.

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You were probably a princess in a previous incarnation. They don't even have to eat the pea pod to gain weight. They just leave it under their mattress and they never get hungry.

I tried it on my kids to save money on food bills but it doesn't work if they've never been a princess. … Read more

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Try therapy or group counseling.

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It is one of them "mind over matter" things. You want what you are not suppose to have! You probably need to remain single until you have grown out of this mentality.

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According to my Blurtit PhD in Medicine you have:

Ulcertic Scabies... You're dying.

No, I'm kidding.  I'm not a doctor, and not sure that thing I mentioned is even a thing. 

So, I would see a doctor.

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This would be a great discussion to have with your doctor. There are many possible illnesses and reasons this is happening. It's always best to speak to your doctor who can run tests to determine a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.