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In the family car during night drives I would watch for the moon. I thought that my family was special and the moon was following us. ( I was maybe 4 or 5 yrs old at the time ) jokingly, my parents didn't correct me on this and actually encouraged my belief of moon people.

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What systems do you have, might I ask? Though there's so many games nowadays that are available for the PC too.

Have you ever played the Fable games? Fable II is my favorite. It's an Xbox 360 game, but if you don't own it yet own an Xbox One it is one of the games … Read more

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Its one of the fundamental standards of all the natural sciences. To understand the age of the earth provides us a reference to further comprehend the scale of earth history, the origins and development of all that now exists or has ever existed here. We can then extrapolate how things might take shape in the … Read more

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Depends . . . Regarding my wide-eyed lofty fantasies of my teenage years . . I have yet to star in a Block-buster film with Stallone or Swartsineger  . . . So, no. Not from that perspective.

From my adult self of age 30 . . . I am not doing too bad, although I … Read more