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You should stop looking for confirmation and validation from others in order to set up what should or possible can make you happy.

You decide your life and set your comfort zone. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. This is your life. It's nobody's business to see what you see, it's nobody's business … Read more

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I'm on instagram and I never post anything,I just follow pages that I like, and they contain subjects such as cooking ,decorating foods,fashion tips, news, health tips, exercising videos,book suggestions and etc..

So It's not really personal for me,but instead of net surfing or going on different websites to get what I need,I just check out … Read more

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For my 18th birthday I received an early present. Pearl Jam was coming to Kansas City for the first time July 3, 1998(25 days before my 18th birthday). I wasn't able to score tickets as the show sold out fast. My dad surprised me with a pair of tickets. It was over 100 degrees and … Read more

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Beauty is mere perception. Look at a reptile like snake. The color combination, smooth movements, speed, glossy and the beauty with which it strikes it's prey. This might sound weird but for people this is also beauty. So beauty is truly how we have defined it for our self. It not something … Read more

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Dear Roy Roy,

When I was 17 years old (oh, say 1962), I found a small book in our library, and it was the collected sayings of Rabindranath Tagore...title, FIREFLIES. One of Tagore's "fireflies" was this, and it has been my own standard of beauty ever since!

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A brick. LOL! But not just any brick. In 2012 when the town of Gettysburg was preparing for the 150th anniversary of the battle in 2013, my kids went together and purchased a paver brick with my name etched in it. When the town put the new pavers down for sidewalks, mine was placed in … Read more