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I found myself often wondering the same thing, I was good at math in high school but didn't know what's the point of learning about function,limits,etc..

It was in university that I found out all these small subjects are an Important part of scientific discoveries,engineering,genetics, name it and all those mathematics had a huge part in … Read more

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-Not all of Calfornia is warm and full of palm trees and beaches. There are feet of snow covering the mountains not far from here! We have every climate you can imagine here.

-Just because you come to L.A. Doesn't mean you're going to see a celebrity in person

-There's gonna be traffic

-You're gonna want to … Read more

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Does this count?

State policy changes. I was drop (Nov 2016 advance letter) from my insurance therefore, I had to choose another insurer by Dec 2016, definitely not easy it was a daymare I was unable to qualify for most and choices all required some type of co-pay (Not due to AHA) ;( far less … Read more

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I'm only a kid but I use my grandfather's photograph as an avatar. (It's to keep the girls from hitting on me.

But your name has me confused. Lin Xi looks Chinese but Yoshioko has to be Japanese. You're not Scottish, are you?