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Put my hearing aids down to put on my socks.  Socks on, no hearing aids.  Searched all over, took everything off the top of my night stand.  Took everything off my dresser.  Got a flashlight and searched the floor around the bed, the dresser, the nightstand.  No aids.  Crawled around on the top of the … Read more

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When we visited Peru and Bolivia, my daughter acted as our tour guide.  She had already been there two years with the Peace Corps and knew her way around.  She was so tight she squealed when she walked, so we lived in hostels and rode local transportation.  (I was amazed to find that you can … Read more

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It only changes the scenery. History remains.

What I think remains largely unsaid is modern society's changing views of the past. Call it revisionist if you will, but if the prevailing views of the citizens in the locales of these statues determine they be removed, so should they be. 

Weren't the images of the Caesars pulled … Read more

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If you are drawing a circuit on a piece of paper, it would probably look like it would work.

On the other hand, if it's an extension cord it's stranded and not solid core wire. And the amount of flexing it would have to do while you mow your lawn would tend to weaken some of … Read more