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Someone told me to always trust, and to always cut the cards.  I grew up somewhat cynical because I discovered at an early age that people (my elders, my parents, community leaders) weren't all that reliable.  As a result, I usually hold my trust in abeyance until a person has proved that they can be … Read more

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Most people you come across act primarily according to their self interest---and that's a good thing.

Experience is certainly importance, but unless a person has gained accurate knowledge from his experiences, or has formally studied in order to obtain specific certified knowledge in a field, his or her judgment is only as good as his information.

And … Read more

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I don't know ....I'm a bit overly  dramatic at times ( so I've been told , but that's fine )  so if I don't get the parking spot I want I claim depression for the day ... I don't mean to make light of your condition at all . But when I've had a bad … Read more

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Is he living with you? Using the electricity, water and other utilities? Eating the food? He needs to pay half. He s using it. You do not pay him back. Also it is his responsibility to make sure his child has a home, clothes and food. That is what being a parent is. What you … Read more