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If by "non-formal" you mean the same as what is sometimes referred to as "a non-traditional education," then there are numerous benefits.

One benefit is that you can get your workplace, volunteer or military experience translated into college credits.

Another benefit is being able to study for CLEP exam, AP exams, or other such exams outside of … Read more

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San Francisco 49ers won the superbowl Singer Selena Quintanilla is murdered Oklahoma City Bombing The Bosnian-Serbian war was in the headlines The new $100 bill is released Cal Ripkin beats Lou Gehrig's record for most consecutive Baseball games Sony Playstation is released OJ Simpson found not guilty for the murder of his wife and friend … Read more
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From Wiktionary : Recorded from 1803 with uncertain origin, but possibly a euphemism for Holy Mary, with Mackerel being a nickname for Catholics because they ate the fish on Fridays. Another suggested explanation is the practice of selling mackerel on Sundays in the seventeenth century (because its quality deteriorates rapidly), so it was known as … Read more

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Not personally, though I've knocked on the door two or three times. Hmm, that could be ominous. Maybe when the time finally arrives there'll be nobody there to let me in and I'll be stuck on this planet forever.

BUT, Mrs Didge most certainly had one.

They lost her during surgery during the early 1970s. … Read more