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Sounds to me as if he is fighting you and your relationship based on his obsessive imagination, and perhaps even a level of his wanting to sabotage your relationship because he is so intent on finding fault with you that may help him "justify" his own mistakes. He is as untrusting as he is untrustworthy.  … Read more

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You're getting a direct view of what your marriage will be like if you marry in a month-this will be your life EVERY SINGLE DAY if you stay with him. Divorce costs a lot more money!

Is the money you will lose canceling the wedding worth it?

Could this be his way of trying to … Read more

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It's not very often that I tell someone that I see a lot of red flags. Your question reads like a Jerry Springer show.  I think that by posting this that your gut is telling you this is bad, but you need outside confirmation. Sometimes our hearts have a hard time accepting what our brains … Read more

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I agree with 🐯 and Rooster. Move on.

But you're not.  Marriage and/or 👪 counseling is needed immediately.

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Turn the page and move on

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He should respect you enough to not ask you about what you did in that year. You were broke up. Be best if he just forgot about that year and moves on with life. Now that you're getting married, it's best to just forget about past things and look forward to your married life together. … Read more

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If you are miserable now just imagine what's it's going to be like married 24/7.

If he can't forget the past, you need to forget the money you've spent and move on.  It's only going to get worse.

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I think Smiley, "Z", and Charles did a fantastic job!

Now, how do I feel when pondering eternity . . .

Personally, I see eternity as it effects the world and universe as I know them . . . It is inaccurate since I have never seen a Sun burn out, or an Asteroid hit the earth … Read more

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I don't care if she is transgender or not but I know a lot of women are upset about it because the only reason she is getting the reward is because she was "being a woman"  something literal tons of women do everyday.

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He's not even a woman. I know plenty of women who deserve that award. Take my Aunt for example. She has earned a PHD in Organic Chemistry and is currently working with NASA on a project to increase the range and clarity of their telescopes.