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Like everyone said above...SEO is search engine optimization and it truly is an art.

It's a process which helps your website rank higher and traffic (clicks to your site.)

There isn't one thing that defines SEO it's a series of methedologies but luckily this topic has been written about so much that there is plenty of … Read more

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I've had this happen to me. Unfourtantely there's nothing you can do on your own that'll fix it.

Where I live I've gotten it fixed for around $75 but I have to say my phone was never the same afterwards.

The best thing to do? Not drop your phone :). But does a person like … Read more

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Depending on the type and what size it is, you can get a new hard drive from $55.00 to $99.00. Plus at least an hours labor at $125.00 an hour. Does it sound like it's worth it if it's a few years old? How do you know it's the hard drive ? Fixed many but … Read more

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I personally think Wordpress is the best platform. If you're a beginner it's easy to use and if you're experienced there are so many aspects of the site you can customize.

I would suggest that it's best to buy your domain on wordpress if you're looking to turn your blog into a career!