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This one is easy: Unlike my parents, I was present for every step of my childrens' ascent into adulthood, and remain so to this day. College is not a prayer for them, it is a reality to them.

I hope no one is offended that I say plainly that my own parents were/are despicable, self-involved, … Read more

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meanings of colors:

Green : Peace, safety, relaxation, freshness, growth, healing, money, environment.

White: Freshness, hope, goodness, light, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, coolness

Yellow: Joy, cheerfulness, friendliness, intellect, energy, warmth, caution, cowardice.

I think they mean you are peaceful, cool, joyful, cheerful, friendly and good!

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Without knowing the meaning of colors, I'd say with those colors you might be hard to read, or get to know. A sense of being down to earth but people can't get past your walls. Maybe a touch of shyness.

Being that you posted anonymously, that might very well be true.