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You could probably find something on Craig's list. However if get one from the Humane Society or other reputable shelter or rescue, the money you pay is for a healthy cat that has been spayed or neutered and had vaccines. It is much cheaper than getting free cat and then paying for all that.

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Trumps great business mind and carefully planned tactics should put America in a good spot, as for the Muslims... Well I wont comment on them right now cuz I'm in the mood for building up, not tearing down. But some stuff in the Quran is questionable, like where it talks about chopping the heads  off … Read more

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Here is my suggestion if you can manage it...

Yes Mom is doing a good thing by clipping the wings so the chickies can't fly out and get slaughtered by dogs...

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But if your yard is safe, then see about letting the chickens out of their pen occasionally when you are around to … Read more