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I don't have to  hypnotize anyone ... Cos I'm a mind ninja .. That's like a Jedi ... Only awesomer ... I do have light saber though.  But it doesn't make the noises anymore and that's not nice cos I'm in my basement now and it's just making not the right noise ... I'm gonna … Read more

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I don't think hypnosis has anything to do with either options.

Hypnosis is just a technique. Which occurs by many forms such as objectives or a voice or a guidance. Maybe if you are an influential person you might have this ability to make this work impressively stronger particularly against those who trying to fight … Read more

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Real answer edit:  Actually, the thought of hypnosis came to my mind the first time I saw Star Wars back in the 70's.  I don't think only weak minded people can be hypnotized. 

Of course, I do think anyone determined to resist can.  Real hypnosis isn't done by cool Jedi Knights.

Forgive me my friend!  ❤️

(Well since … Read more

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Intelligent, imaginative people are easier to hypnotise than weak-minded, dull people. Why? Because dull people lack the inability to focus.

One of my instructors said that it's easier to hypnotise people who watch Star Wars than those who watch soaps, because they have more imagination. I think he was probably right.

But hypnosis took an … Read more

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Answer is D Medication

Medication and hypnosis both are similar techniques which are used to make concentration. In medication you have to focus on a single point or object. Hundreds of people are using hypnosis and medication technique at this time.