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No, There are a lot of squirrels and birds in my neighborhood, and they're constantly playing in  the street, so whenever we come out of our neighborhood, and encounter an animal, we slow down to give it time to get out of our way.

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I'm not to fond of pledging my allegiance to a flag, (I'd rather pledge my allegiance to God), but I think you should at least stand and be respectful during the pledge!

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Mr. Happy has 3 weeks of vacation to rest before surgery.  We're headed for the mountains!!!  YAYYYYY!!!  We can't hike, but we can relax and enjoy the beauty. 

Now let's see if I built a comfy camper.....  Fingers crossed!

Month:  I'm dreading.  

Year:  No clue, but that's kinda fun!

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Nobody, except for God knows. Not even Jesus knows. And it tells us this all throughout scripture. However, Scripture does give details that you need to unfog about how long the tribulation will last.

Just look in your bible in Revelations. Or search on google, KJV end of the world, and it will give you a … Read more