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As Dance Like a Gypsy said, I think it depends more on how it's used.

I'm not disabled, but I work with the Developmentally Disabled.  The truth is, this is how my job defines this population.  I have to use the correct terminology, even if I think it is over-PC jargon.

But I have never once said … Read more

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As Didge said, "I don't like it, or dislike it. It's an adjective". I also agree with his opinion on this political correctness crap. I'm disabled, and it doesn't bother me to be so, or called so. When I was dealing with HR(Human Resources) about FMLA(Family Medical Leave Act), and the ADA(Americans With Disabilities Act) … Read more

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Hi Sarah. I neither like nor dislike it. It's an adjective and has a function.

Unfortunately, like a lot of other adjectives it's fallen victim to the vagaries of political correctness. I'm short, bald and old but nobody's allowed to call me that any more. They have to say that I'm a vertically challenged, follicly disadvantaged, … Read more

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It's not mean at all. If he didn't treat you right at times, then the relationship was doomed anyway. The right guy will come along that's just right for you. Don't sweat it, it's just Facebook . Enjoy all of life that you can.

Sarah Jackson Bennett

Hi Sarah!  Nice to meet you, and welcome to Blurtit.  :)

My mother has scoliosis.  She had spinal surgery, as the curve got debilitating in her late 60's.  She too is quite small, but she more than makes up for it with her personality.  :)

Sarah Jackson Bennett

My niece has it and she had a rod placed down her spine during a very serious operation at age 14 because it was so bad. She's 29 years old now and yes she has a small build but she is 5 feet 7 inches tall.  She's doing just fine now.