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As a student of history, I understand that the realities of living in times past were often more grim than we like to fantasize. Not only that, go back too far, and my 21st century culture and language could be a hindrance to my ability to move freely, to function, or to avoid trouble. No … Read more

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There are already some excellent answers and Gator Blu's is so close to the way I feel that I won't offer another opinion.


C.S.Lewis wrote a poem "A Confession" about the things he found beautiful, compared to some of the more jarring attempts to describe beauty by some of the modern poets. His final verse was … Read more

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Dear Rex,

My VERY favourite extinct creature of all time is...the smallpox virus.

Emerged on the scene around 10,000 BC, and in its most virulent form killed one out of three people infected, 400 million deaths in the twentieth century. Last seen in 1977...a very enthusiastic GOODBYE.

Photo of a small child in 1973, Bangladesh.

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I remember when that happened. It was my first year in high school and that is all the school talked about. My husband had tickets to the show they were en route to.

I can't pick a favorite. There are too many to choose from. Simple Man, Curtis Loew, Give Me Back My Bullets. In … Read more