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I avoid them all.

I leave FB to shallow, insecure shut-ins with too much time on their hands who crave the validation of strangers. I prefer to go outside and experience life and interact directly with people instead of posting my business to other shut ins with the same defect. 

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I was born on a Sunday Morn and I'm going to the gym today, Smoothie King, shop for a very small crossbody  purse to hold my cell and keys while I workout. Sit on my balcony and work on laptop. I'm feeling better today. Thank you for asking. Gay means Happy. Yes, I'm happy. Tomorrow … Read more

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Are you asking Is it alright that you are the only one .. Or ... That you are one at all?

Either way .. Being a hypochondriac is a compulsive behaviour. Any compulsive behaviour that can cause harm is a "bad"thing.  This behaviour can create a false sense if doubt because anyone who knows you … Read more

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Depends on your point of view.

If we divide the world into two groups of people, Christians and non-Christians, each group would contain all the personality types of the other.

It would be nice to think that all Christians were decent, caring people but a number of serial killers have adopted Christianity while in jail … Read more