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Be careful with Kennewick man - recent research seems to suggest that he was just a native american with a funny-shaped head. (And not THAT old in real terms).
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Dear Roy Roy,

I typically don't kill anything...I take it outside and wish it a good journey and a LONG one...

Exception is a bug/animal that might be harmful or deadly, and there are people around, and there is no good way to "relocate" it. (Thanks for the term, KB Baldwin!)

And then I do regret the killing, … Read more

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Depends on what they are. I put talcum powder just outside the front door step, insects with external skeletons will try to avoid this. I use cinnamon powder because spiders don't like the smell.  I don't like flies in the house because they probably settle on my neighbours dog mess in the garden, however they … Read more

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I think that "dark matter" is the modern astro-physicists' equivalent of Einsteins "Cosmological Constant". It's a convenient invention to cover something we don't understand about how gravity works in the "Universe we know". Like "phlogiston" and the "lumeniferous ether" it will eventually be debunked by advances in understanding. I suspect that will not happen in … Read more
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There is no real evidence for early hominids anywhere else in the world apart from Africa and Asia. Java man and Peking man (both forms of both forms of Homo Erectus) support the "out of Africa" theory.

Of course "no evidence" means exactly that. The fact that there is no evidence does not mean that … Read more