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I'm tempted to ask if you've been reading The Girl on the Train?

No, I don't usually do that but when I was writing my novel I saw a girl in the street who screamed to be included. She was tall, thin, tattooed, pierced, wore 4 inch FMPs, crotch-hugging shorts, a tiny top, and a sullen … Read more

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Oh I LOVE doing that!!!! Especially when I am patiently waiting bored in line. I come up with the story of what is going on with what they buy. LOL! One time someone had a bottle of champagne, a bag of chocolate, condoms and a pregnancy test! LOLOLOL! I assumed there was gonna be a … Read more

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Hill Valley ... 1985 . I need to track down George and Loraine and ask them if they've noticed their son looks like Calvin Klein . This is your fault I'm still obsessing about this . Now I'm never gonna get to Gotham City to meet Jared Leto ... Which should have been my answer. … Read more