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It can't be predicted with any certainty.  Some of those patients will outlive most of us.  Back in 2012, I was told I had a year at the most without an aortic valve replacement .... I went ahead and had it done.  Even though there were lots of complications, I'm doing well now.

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Sorry to say that life is a crap shoot. You literally got athletes dying from things they should have no reason of die from. Still if you live the best that you can nutritionally, you might find yourself living a long healthy life. Then again, things could go south for you regardless.

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Rooster 👏 President Because he 👀daily takes cares for the Blurtit👍 Community.

Hippy Vice President makes us 😅 and Didge Co-Vice President  📚 up-building comments and life stories.

JNickka Secretary of State, has seen through a lot of bad 🤗personal drama, can relate to many.

Tiger Paws 😄 Speaker of The House and Counselor gives wise advice … Read more

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I'm already 6'5 and have to duck through many doorways as it is. Wearing heels would ensure I couldn't enter any buildings. I couldn't cope. But I have the sneaking suspicion I'd suddenly need a matching wallet

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I can't walk with high heels. I can't stand them (pun totally intended). It's too awkward for me to walk in them. I'm fine with my height. (I'm 6"2)

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Airplanes ! Learned to fly when I was 14. One of my last pictures taken of me flying a P-38 when I was about 17. I loved that blue plane ! It was a beauty.