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It only changes the scenery. History remains.

What I think remains largely unsaid is modern society's changing views of the past. Call it revisionist if you will, but if the prevailing views of the citizens in the locales of these statues determine they be removed, so should they be. 

Weren't the images of the Caesars pulled … Read more

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No, think about it this way....

Can you ever really erase something in your past? If you get that scar removed did it take away what happened? No but you learn from your history and don't let it happen again. If you could erase your past I would get rid of that credit score and eviction … Read more

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Look at your roots. Look at your upbringing and life experiences.

Were there any particular "rites of passage"?

Think about the way that others see you.

What skills do you have, both practical and social?

What have you achieved? What do you wish to achieve?

A couple of well-written paragraphs on each of these, carefully linked together, Job … Read more

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How long have you got?

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, but the universe is expanding faster.

What is dark energy? What is dark matter?

Quasars are some of the farthest observable objects in the universe, so they must be VERY old, where did they all go? How come they shine as single points of … Read more

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I compliment people often. If I see  total stranger in a store wearing something that looks good on them be it an outfit or just the color of their shirt, I will tell them. Most everyone likes a compliment, and when it comes from a stranger it seems to carry more weight with them because … Read more