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I worked with an alcoholic who "did" a line of coke most days (and several times some days). He was a chain smoker too.

He was more clever when stoned and drunk than most people I know when sober and clean.

He started two companies, and turned one into a successful multinational, sold his share for multi-millions … Read more

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They survived just like wild animals survive today. They tell you not to drink the water in some foreign countries because there is bacteria in it. People build immunities to the local bacteria. I am sure water was low on the list of things that killed early man. Exposure, poor diet, and injuries were more … Read more

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Does this count?

I was born in Fulham and grew up in Kent. I remember three houses in my childhood.

First, there was Eastcourt Lane, a bright new council house built for people who wanted or needed to move from London. A big garden and nice neighbours.

Then there was Woodlands Road, another council house, not so new, … Read more

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I have a lady that I deal with at work. She'll give me a non-paid body scan and then a quick update of my future. So far she has been right.

I take all of this with a grain of salt. It's fun and dealing with her is all part of my customer service.  I think … Read more

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I believe in Highly intuitive people.

They are very good at the old Sherlock Holmes higher acute ability of deductive reasoning allowing a broad spectrum when viewing all the evidence available to one's senses and surmise several possibilities, and favoring the highest probable scenario as likelihood of being most true.

As evolved animals we have several "Tells" to trigger words … Read more

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I ran into a lady while I was working. We were chatting and she suddenly grabbed my hand and "read" my palm. Very basically, she said that my wife and I would have a baby, a boy, I was a hard worker, and I'm not the best at saving money. It's way to easy to … Read more

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Nope. Never wasted a moment of irreplaceable time on hokey sideshow charlatans. 

Horoscopes, palm readings, seances, crystal ball sessions, tea leaves, seers, mediums, prophets, aura readers, dream interpreters and their ilk all derived from scoundrels and shysters (a few lunatics as well) cultivating profit or self-preservation preying upon people's irrational fears, ignorance and gullibility.

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