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A huge reason why I don't attend church even though I'm a Christian. I'm tired of them preaching they want my money. I personally believe God is fine and accepting I donate money to charity.

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Don't confuse what the church does and what God wants.

Tithing, is mentioned in the bible and is not designed to prove faith in God .. But faith in the Church. They use the angle of showing support for the Church and further that you are not a "slave" to money. You know the " … Read more

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True story.

My son was travelling home late one night through rural Bedfordshire. He was pulled over by a police van and accused of being drunk (he wasn't).

They then asked to search his car for drugs (there weren't any).

The officer in charge then decided to give my son a breath (sobriety) test. They then found … Read more

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I worked for a time in Thousand Oaks, So Cal. My office was opposite the headquarters of a Christian "fundamentalist" broadcasting station ( it was 15 years ago, but I'm guessing that it is probably still there).

We watched the Rolls Royce of the station's founder arrive most mornings.

I wonder it God gave him the money...... … Read more

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Do you go anywhere and do anything that brings you into contact with people who might be interested in forming a friendship?

In the UK it's called the AmDram effect. People who are short of friends (of all types and both sexes) join an Amateur Dramatics Society, and suddenly they are forced to interact with lots … Read more

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This is a problem for the germination of the seed because the growing embryo needs oxygen and water. Some seeds will not be able to germinate until the seed coat has been damaged so that water can enter and the embryo can respire. The seed coat may be damaged when the seed is in the … Read more

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Well, I have squamous cell carcinoma and will have to pay something toward that, though my plan covers much of this and the VA covers the drugs with a small copay.

They might not let you die but they will ship you off to the county hospital if you are short of money or insurance. … Read more

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As already stated it depends on where you live. Some countries have a national healthcare plan and the costs are minimal. In the US it depends on your insurance and also where you live in the US if you don't have insurance. I have a friend going through this now. She has insurance, but it … Read more

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I had two months radiation therapy in 2010 and have been getting check-ups every 6 or 12 months since. Before the therapy there were doctors and a surgeon. Total cost? A few hundred dollars.

As Korvo One said, it depends where you live. In some countries you'd have to sell your soul to afford treatment.

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If the admin HAS blocked access to all those things, then there is nothing you can do about it in Windows itself. This is DoD approved security. 

There ARE bootable Linux disks out there (I have one, curiously created by Microsoft) that will allow you to access the Windows filesystem and change a few things … Read more

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Could you spell that correctly? Could you capitalize? Could you swap the noun for the correct verb? Could you create a syntactically correct sentence?

(Your profile is not much better).

Dreadful. Do the people you are spamming on behalf of know how useless you are?