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I have not, but here is a (sortof connected) story. I was shopping in Waitrose, a slightly upmarket and expensive UK supermarket. A willowy  and very attractive woman in her 30's was wandering around with her 7-year old daughter.

She was on her mobile 'phone the entire time, and her execrable daughter was playing with the … Read more

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Here is food for thought. A close friend used to climb the fence and tap on my back window, very occasionally, usually when she wanted to borrow something (often a bottle opener) or just wanted to chat.

She died, unexpectedly, and horribly early, around 12 years ago.

My son (who was at home studying) complained that "Someone … Read more

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I'm not going to answer the question, but I will observe that the UK newspapers in the 1970s were full of statements of declaration of war between "the Workers" and "the Establishment". Lurid and overstated articles described the imminent ending of "Our way of life and existence as we know it"** on this sceptre'd isle. … Read more

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Car Mechanic, Photographer, Litho Cameraman, Software engineer, Systems Manager, Project Manager, Systems Architect, Company Director, Lazy Chap. There are a few "fill ins" as well.

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Two quotes from a great article:


"But the reason we shouldn't eat dogs is related to the same reason it is more heinous and hateful to burn a synagogue than a community center, or that it is more of a violation to burn down a man's home than the two rental properties he … Read more

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Because farm animals are raised for the sole purpose of food .. And have always been for thousands of years.  Cats and Dogs were deemed as 'working' animals, they had jobs (controling vermin, protection, alarm system, herding, etc) and eventually deemed as pets as those jobs became obsolete. 

We have become a society that frowns … Read more