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... What Tiger Two said.

Also, dating does not mean you are going to marry that person.  To the contrary, the majority of people who date do NOT get married.

The purpose of dating is to figure out what type of person you do wish to marry.  So it is rational and reasonable to date lots of … Read more

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How about you humans consider letting us dragons consume the world and bringing back a fresh start. No one whined when that cocky "all knowing and all powerful" god did it with a flood. We will return the souls to your rightful body after a few tweaks especially to humans that will make them less … Read more

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Stop supplying them with weapons and funding (which we do). Change immigration policy so we can send islamic terrorists and extremists back to the middle east. Stop our government invading middle eastern countries for their oil, (killing innocent civilians) and learn to pay for the oil instead and give the middle east the profit which … Read more

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 Ideally, education.

The hatred fomented by ISIS and evil sects such as the Taliban and Boko Haram springs from and feasts upon varying degrees of ignorance. I don't think it necessary to mention what common belief system they draw their ideals from.

Education breeds understanding; understanding yields respect, respect is the seed of empathy, and … Read more

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I think good intelligence in finding the terror cells and disrupting and destroying them is the best solution, but it's not going to stop it. There are children being born and raised into terrorism with one goal in life. There are also a lot of wannabes popping up with no prior arrests or indication that … Read more