who is your favorite and least favorite person on blurt it deleted or still on I suggest you go anonymous on your answer?

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My favorite is Hippy. He's so clever, intelligent, very handsome, witty, wonderful, smells good, great humanitarian, world renown whale saver, friend of kings, world traveler,friend to all, snazzy dresser, just about the best human EVER. But the best thing about him is that he's so humble.

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my favorite is roster unfortunately he is gone now

my lest favorite is ray  dart he is very rude idk if he still here

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I have a lot of favorites here, as for my least favorite well I'm not saying because I'm not into hurting other people's feelings.

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I have no one that I don't like on here.

Omg. ...I have so many that I do like though. Hippy tops the list and leaves me happily perplexed. ( an old joke between us )

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My least favourite are the Spamtards. I like everyone else, each member is different and brings something to the table.  Variety is the spice of life.

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i don't have a favorite. I like way too many people here to choose one favorite. Everyone I like makes this site great in their own ways.

I dislike DDX Project the most. I don't believe that's a secret either.

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I like everyone, except Anonymous. Such a hard name to spell, and you never know if Anonymous is on line or reads your replies.  Which is why I NEVER reply to Anonymous questions!!!  :)

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