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What's the one food you absolutely refuse to eat?

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liver, or any intestinal organs.

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Darik Majoren
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With you on this . . .
One of our first trips to New York we stopped at a Chinese restaurant that had menus with western recipes on one side, and traditional Chinese recipes on the other side. It would seem this particular establishment like to cook various foul intestines . . . in a clay pot. actual name of one of the dishes "Goose Intestines in clay pot"
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Totally agree.
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I won't eat oysters or any of those gooey gross shellfish. I like some seafood, but I almost threw up when they served oysters at a restaurant I went to.

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Liver and onions.

I like onions, but they can do without their nasty tasting friend . . . Liver.

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I am one of the most pickiest eaters you would ever meet. The list of foods I would eat is probably shorter then the list of foods I refuse to eat! Lol!

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Haggis.. I just cannot get that into my mouth again. Especially when you know what it is made of. Made using sheep pluck (the bits nowadays often discarded; lungs, hearts, liver). The cooked minced offal is mixed with suet, oatmeal, seasoning and encased in the sheep stomach and boiled for a few hours.

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It's a toss-up, scrapple or frogs legs.😫😫😫

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PJ Stein
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I ate frog legs once. They do taste like chicken. I will just eat the chicken.
Wesley Crusher
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Frog legs are like mini chicken wings. The ones I had were extremely spicy and garlicky. I think I probably liked the marinade more than the actual taste of frogs.
Ancient One
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Yes, toss-up is the appropriate description.
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Organ meat



(I may have to give up my "southern card" on the last two.)

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Ancient One
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Cornbrread and grits! Oh my, shame on you all. (LOL)
PJ Stein
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The thing with grits is the feel of them in my mouth. The only grits I have tried that I actually liked and if I ever go back will order their shrimp and grits are from the Flying Biscuit. They add cream cheese and shredded white cheddar cheese.
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Weird, I guess growing up poor makes you less of a picky eater. But I am able to eat most of the things mentioned. The funny part is I wonder if people know what's inside a good ol all American hot dog.

But I probably wouldn't eat a raccoon. Or skunk, cat, dog, tarantula...

Foei gras and sushi is delicious!

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Store-bought bread. I mean the ones in the plastic bags all shaped the same size and pre-sliced. Bread from a bakery is fine, too, but usually I make it myself.

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