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Who's had the most impact in your life who wasn't a family member?

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Oh my!!! This is an easy question!!! (Although I consider them more family then most of my blood line.) My life group leader, my Pastor, and my bestest friend Robin.

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Don Barzini answered

My former business partner and still great friend, Ron.

He induced me to leave the military in mid-'91, to undertake our joint business venture. We both finished our degrees and built our commercial design and real estate businesses from the ground up. Bought into a number of other ventures as well. Made a ton of money together. One could not build a better friend.

 I was Best Man (don't get me started) at BOTH his weddings. (Can you say "Trophy Wife")

 ---I digress, it's an inside joke, Ally is a jewel. We all still vacation together. 

Ron is still heavily involved in the daily operation and, I suspect, still making serious coin. I cashed out in '08 and retired.

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Ancient Hippy answered

Outside of my family, two people impacted me the most.

First it was my mentor and master when I was training as a goldsmith and silversmith. It was a part time venture for me but it was his whole life and, as he said, his reason for living. He taught me to never settle for OK, it had to be perfect.

Second was my best friend. She helped me greatly when I was going through the loss of my wife and son and also took care of me when I was sick. She cooked, cleaned, shopped, paid my bills, etc while still working full time and taking care of her own family of 4. She taught me what real friendship is and we remain super close today.

Both of these people impacted my goal of perfection in whatever I do and the reason for being a human, to love and help others.

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My best friend, Amy. I found her when I went to enroll my son in kindergarten. I was looking for an in-home daycare person - the school recommended her. She was instrumental in helping me be a better parent to my son and help correct things I was doing wrong with him. She went to the school with me when they had a meeting to "discuss" my son - wanted him on meds for ADHD. They were shocked when I told him he doesn't have ADHD - he was the product of poor parenting.

She then got everyone working together - me, his teacher, the principal, the counselor. It took a year, but we managed to turn his behavior around.

She has such a practical way of looking at things and getting straight to the heart of the matter, it's simply amazing to watch her in action. Her friendship means so much to me. I've become a better person because of her.

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A high school algebra teacher I had, Mr. Simpson. He was not boy a wonderful algebra teacher, but a great mentor, and life teacher. I learned far more than math from him. He was a wonderful man.

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