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Is there anyone that you feel owes you an apology? If so, what has that person done?

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Willie B. good answered

Nah I'm over it.

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I am the one who owes the apology... But the words would not be heard yet even if I were to try. 😔

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Toni Pauze answered

Probably but not wanted

But it’s never going to happen. Too many years .

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Hello, yes, there is one person who I think owes me an apology.
She was my best friend when I was a kid and I shared all of my secrets with her. Once we moved to
high school, her attitude changed and she shared almost all of my secrets with our
new classmates. I was bullied because of her and after that experience, I have
never considered anyone as my best friend.

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Yes, but a) she is dead, and b) she had a Trumpian way of not ever admitting she was wrong.   

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