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What's your opinion on Brett Kavanaugh?

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Innocent for sure. It pisses me off when a liar gets on pretending to be a "victim" when there are REAL victims out there by real perverts. Kavanauh is being circused around because he is a male.

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Tom  Jackson
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Not because he is a male---rather because he is a misogynist who thinks that a high grade point and being a captain of a college team makes him special.
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Not the best nominee for the Supreme Court, but neither is he guilty of any crimes. I question his temperament for the Court.

The circus surrounding him is more of the continuum of partisan stupidity parading as government in the US.

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never heard of him.

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Unfortunately, a lot of people are buying the falsehood that Kavanaugh as a SCOTUS nominee has a right to the "due process" rule, which includes the presumption of innocence---He doesn't.

Even when you’re up for a seat on the highest court in the
land, you simply can’t expect the protections granted by the justice system,
because a confirmation
hearing is not a legal venue
. The presumption of innocence, which
places the burden of proving guilt on an accuser, applies only to state actors
like prosecutors, not in the employment context.

This is the constitutional "advise and consent" function of the Senate with regard to a presidential nominee.

It is an employment interview---and you better come into it with "clean hands" and not too much baggage.  If the Senate, for whatever reason, judges him to be unfit for a seat on the Supreme Court, then, like any other job applicant, he didn't convince the interviewers that he would be an asset to the country.

And given the profile he has presented since his nomination, I think it likely that his personal integrity has no market value.

Personally, I am glad he has no sons to whom to teach his attitudes about women.

"No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

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