Flora Huang

Do you guys feel like time is flying by really fast? Like, it's already October!

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Feels normal for me.
Time flies :)

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Times does not fly moves at steady pace any given time.

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Tom  Jackson
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The use of the word "feel" in the question implies it is about our perception of time rather than a physical measurement of it.
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For me, it seems to go faster every year as I get older.  My mother told me the same thing many years ago, but I didn't understand until it started happening to me.

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Flora Huang
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My mom told me the same thing. She says that when she was young, time went by really slow. Now, she says time passes so quickly
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I wonder why that is ?
Janis Haskell
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Maybe it's because we have increasingly more time behind us and less ahead. (I personally was just graduating from high school, and am suddenly in my 70's!) 😕
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This spring went slowly. Guess I was anxious for better weather.

Summer went by like a speeding car.

Now this fall is just crawling at a slow pace.

I'm beginning to think that I'm very much more affected by weather than I used to be.

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Yes i noticed soon before i know i will be age 51 and the big 5-0 will be gone , my birthday is Feb 9th . Before that it will be Thanksgiving Day than we will have Christmas , News Years eve ,  New Years Day . Ugh hahahhaha!!!

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