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Is it important to get lots of rest or just rest when your on your period?

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Willie B. good answered

No more than any other day of the month.

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carlos Striker answered

Rest and relax just enough and still be active. Don't rest tun you into lethargic sloth?  I am doling out lot of free advise? Aren't I?

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Janis Haskell answered

A good night's sleep is always a good idea, especially during the menstrual period.  Some people can maintain a very active lifestyle, but not everyone.  It depends on health issues such as endometriosis and other possible conditions.  If you struggle with fatigue or discomfort, discuss it with your doctor.

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Average blood loss amounts to a few tablespoons of blood per day. Not enough to warrant curtailing activities. Having said that, hormone fluctuates warrants more rest during this time of the month.

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