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Have fun with it and make it funny. Your cartoon in need of a caption.?

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I don't recall ANY party being this difficult to get into back in my day!

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Please rake all them leaves that has came over on my side of the property , i can't deal with your tree and it's leaves every year falling on my property. Thank you

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Darren Wolfgang
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Thank you :) We had a neighbor on our old street where i use to live that gave my mom a garbage bag and rake and told her to clean up her leaves that went on her side of her property and my mom can't forget to this day did it. I just felt so bad cause we lived in house that was in poor conditions cause we couldn't afford to remodel or move to new house. Plus having to put up with a so-called neighbor who called herself a Christian but she could mistreat people in that way was pathetic.
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Awe that sucks. Dandelion weed seeds too ?
Darren Wolfgang
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Yes i agree . LOL

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