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Can you hurt your parents feelings if u change your name?

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Willie B. good answered

I know it would hurt my feelings if my kids change their names.

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PJ Stein answered

First or last name?  First name will really depend on the family and the situation. If you were named after someone they loved and respected, I am sure it would upset them. If not, maybe they will be fine with it. I had a friend who did that. But he wasn't named for anyone. His name was probably one of the top ten names given the year he was born. His parents were gone with that.

Last names are much more meaningful, so by changing that you seem to be claiming not to be part of that family. That can be hurtful. I have a niece, actually legally speaking, she is a former step-niece. My brother married her mother, then divorced her about 10 years later. Even after the divorce we have included her in our family. Her biological father is a piece of work and pretty much scum. When my niece turned 18 she legally changed her last name to my family's name. We are the only ones who treated with respect when she deserved it and disciplined her when she deserved that. Her mother understood. As for her father, I have no idea if it hurt him, and frankly I don't know anyone who cares if it did. He lost the right long before then to have an opinion .

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Tom Jackson answered

Maybe, maybe not---it depends on a number of things, including motivation.

But to me, a name to me is like a gift---and one is not obligated to keep a gift forever.

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Possibly. I remember a time when I was super little and wanted to change my first name because nobody can correctly spell or pronounce my name right, which frustrated me as a child. Now, I just find it amusing when I get called every name but my actual name. If changing your name is something that you truly want to do, I'd speak with them about it and how you feel.

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Ray Dart answered

I was very upset when my son changed his name from Ratfink-Nosepoultice to Simon. I have no idea why he did that!

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