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You find a $20 bill on the ground in a parking lot. No one is around that could have dropped it. What do you do with the unexpected funds?

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If no one was around, I would probably keep it, but feel guilty about it because I didn’t look harder for the person who lost it.

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Keep it if no one is around.

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I would put it in the console cubby in my car to have in case I run out of gas. I always try to find out who could have dropped the money but it doesn't always work out to return cash that fell out of someone's pocket.

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I asked because I found a $20 Bill in the leaves along the curb. There was no one nearby, and it actually looked like it had been through the last rainfall.  I spent half on lottery tickets, thinking maybe it was my lucky day. (My luck stopped at finding the $20.) The other half I dropped into a red kettle. 

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This happened to me actually. I was a brand new baby Christian and worried about how I was gonna get my daughter to school. I needed exactly $20 for the tank to make it the week. When I found exactly 20 dollars on the ground in a parking lot later that day, I knew exactly what to do with it. I put it in my tank and said thank You Jesus! 😊

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I would keep it. Of course, if I had seen it fall out of the pocket of the rightful owner...I would return it.

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Around 15 years ago I found a £20 note (at that time, worth around $30). I asked around to see if anyone in the village had  lost any banknotes. After a couple of days, I got a mail (there was no Facebook then) asking me where I had found it. I didn't answer that, but asked her where she thought she might have lost it. After a few more exchanges, it was obvious that it was her money. When I gave it back to her, she was almost in tears. A single mother who was not sure whether she could pay her bills for the next month. I guess she was more careful with money after that.

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I found a purse in a parking lot left in a shopping cart once. I didn't even want to touch it to have my finger prints on it so I pushed the whole cart in, spoke with a bag boy and he got his manager who came and took it. Then I did my shopping. When I finally was in line to leave the bag boy found me. He said the owner of the purse came back and in tears she was so grateful for the honest person who found her purse. He said she was an elderly lady who just cashed her social security check and was heading off to go pay her rent.
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Some 25 or so years ago, I found a 100 dollar bill in a large parking lot of a mall whose patrons probably carried at least 15 of those same bills in their purses or wallets.

There would have been no practical way to assure that if someone claimed it they had in fact been the one who lost it.

I spent it over time.  The only change it made in my life was to kid when I dropped pennies, dimes, nickles, etc. that I never picked up money I dropped if it made noise since I figured I was ahead of the game forever.

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Hello there,

If I found a $20 bill on the ground in a parking lot, I
would pick it up and look around to see if there is anyone whom it may belong
to. If there is no one, I will keep. I once picked up a $10 note on the road.
There were many people around, but it was a surprise that no one saw it!

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I would keep it and place a ad in the paper like the Ad Weekly describing that I found $20.00 in a parking lot , i would give a description what location i found it.

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Darren Wolfgang
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Yes i would Tiger
Toni Pauze
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I don’t know why that posted three times but... how could you know for sure they were telling the truth. After all a twenty dollar bill is easy to describe. And you are telling the location found.
Darren Wolfgang
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Yeah that's true anyone can say that's their twenty dollar bill.

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