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I'm not a people person . I don't like being around my family you know with holidays and gatherings so what? does that make me a bad person? what does that mean ? that I am anti social? but I like my job and my friends I work with .

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Sometimes with the people you work with, you get to be who you are. But when your with your family, you feel you have to be someone you're not. Its easy being around your friends because you don't have to pretend... Like you do when you're around your family. Maybe?

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You're not a bad person and you're also not alone, a lot of people feel the same way you do they would rather spend time with friends .

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No, you aren’t a bad person.

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Everyone's family is different. Some are easy to get along with, while others can wear on your last nerve. It doesn't make you a bad person if your family wears on your nerves. I have some family like that, and I just limit my exposure to them. I am happier for it. My husband is still learning this. (It is some of his family that we have issues with.) 

I don't know about your family,  but there are some members in ours that will never be happy with how I live my life. That is their problem. They are not happy with their life, so they try to control mine. I won't let them. I am not going to go out of my way to try to please people I can't.  Don't blame or label yourself as antisocial just because certain people drive you crazy.  They are the ones with a problem, not you.

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I wish i still had my Mother and Maternal Grandparents to celebrate Holidays with them and if they were alive i would be cooking a meal for them and we would all be sitting down to nice meal. Sure it's your choice to be antisocial and it's your choice to be estranged from Family but i wish God still gave me more Family to share Christmas with . Yes for now i can some what relate i love my online friends more than my Cousins, i just don't feel no love from my cousins,  they are always having issues, chaos, drama. I need to get that out of my life . Like this evening we was trying to sit and have a descent quiet meal but my cousin had to ramble on about things that make her upset so she causes stress, anxiety for the rest of us and it effective me. Yes my Mom and Maternal Grandparents were my rock , when God called them home they took part of me with them . Sure you like your job and friends you work with but just think of the elderly aunt, elderly uncle , little cousins , little nieces those are the ones who touch my heart and i think of them when you choose to be Miss Loner over the Holidays one thing i am glad to say . With the months i been on Blurtit i met some really sweet, loving people and i consider these people my friends but not only that but my Family to heart. Yes it happens with me i care about people and when i don't see no one online i get worried cause i want make sure they are okay. Life is too short not to love even my cousins get me upset and i get bitter but i love them but they sure make it hard to do so. Best Wishes :) :)

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