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how will 2019 be different from 2018?


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Ray Dart answered

How about this for a scenario?

The worlds financial markets plunge further into chaos as a consequence of a failed Brexit, schoolboy economics by a intellectually-challenged POTUS, and Chinese and some European debt.

Ill-considered trade tariffs between the US and China, The US and Europe, Europe and the newly-independent UK strangle world trade and bring the worst recession since 2008.

Russian meddling in the affairs of other countries, both overt and covert continues to destabilize democratic governments around the world.

Western technology continues to be ripped of by countries in the far East to the detriment and reducing prosperity of Europe and North America.

Iran, who no longer have any reason to "play ball", restart their nuclear program, Israel ramps theirs up in preparation.

Oh.... And someone still can't get financing for a big wall.

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2019! It's gonna be a great year! This is the year we will get a house. This is the year I will become a published author. This is the year I will become a Granny! And while I am at it... This is the year I will lose some weight! 😅 I have high hopes and big dreams my friend! Let's hear it for 2019!!!! 🎉🎈🎁🎊

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I'm hoping this is the year that humpty dumpty trumpty falls and gives up the idea of the wall.

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