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Don't you feel bad when a cat has a panic attack? because unlike humans they can't speak and tell us how they feel. how do you think there feeling to us when there catching one?


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Yin And Yang answered

I am not sure if cats do have panic attacks rather more reactions to their environment. If they did have anxiety or stress, I believe they begin to lose their hair in patches. (At least that's what the vet claimed with one of my cats.)

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Call me Z answered

Let’s just say it is not on my list of worldly concerns. Cats are trivialities. Their affairs are inconsequential to me.

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Ray Dart answered

Cats are (usually in the UK) much akin to vermin. They kill birds and small rodents. They dig up planting beds in neighbouring gardens. They take a dump on my lawn. The RSPB (google if necessary) have identified them as killing 55,000,000 birds in the UK alone every year. Chris Packham, well-respected naturalist, has described domestic cats as the "Greatest threat to wildlife in the United Kingdom". Do I care about their "panic attacks"? No, sorry.

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